Popular Types Of Beer You Should Know About

The summer season is drawing near, and what could be better than a chilled beer in your hand while sunbathing on a beach or simply sitting on your lawn and enjoying the evening? Beer is one of the world’s most aged drinks known globally. As a result, it comes in a variety of tastes. You’ve probably heard of commercial or craft beers. So, let’s look at what other sorts of beer are popular and available on the market.


Ale, which goes back to history, is one of the most basic and famous types of beer. Ale is a good category for home brewers due to its moderately warm fermentation that can be done in a short time. These are prepared with the top-fermenting yeast, which often acts at a warmer temperature and settles at the top of the beer, resulting in an alcoholic drink.


Ales are further divided into subcategories, each with a different name and flavour for drinkers to enjoy. The following are some of the various types of Ales:

Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale has a transparent body and a pale tint, and its light malt sweetness in the taste makes it ideal for summer. They are sharp and dry, with only a tinge of bitterness in their taste.

Brown Ale

As the name implies, Brown Ale comes in various colours of brown and is prepared using various malts. Because each country has its own malt quality, the taste varies from country to country, giving a distinct flavour in different places.

Pale Ale

Contrary to their name, these beers are not at all pale but instead have a powerful flavour that is ideal for pairing with fiery foods. It has a copper tint and a fruity aroma, making it an excellent choice for an English-style ale.

Indian Pale Ale

This drink was primarily created to help people withstand a boat voyage to India, which is how it acquired its name. IPA contains a high quantity of bittering ingredients, giving it a bitter taste as well as a subtle fruity lemony or resin pine flavour.

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer

Wheat beer is made using wheat and malted barley in huge quantities. Wheat beers have a pleasant flavour with hints of citrus and spices. It is a wonderfully calming drink ideal for a refreshing drink in the summer.


Lagers are yet a fresh style of beer that is usually made opposite to how an Ale is made. These are typically fermented at a low temperature for an extended period. Lagers rely heavily on bottom-fermenting yeasts that settle down in the fermenting container to release the flavour. Lagers are also known as bottom-fermented beers and are mainly found in European countries where the citizens enjoy their taste.


A popular drink back in the 18th century in London, Porter is a dry and fruity flavoured beer created by roasting a mixture of malts before the brewing process, which gives it the flavour it bears. Porters typically have a dark black colouration and roasted malt scent due to the roasting process.

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